We are a multidisciplinary group of people committed to our environment, who seek to directly influence the solution of one of the main problems of our society: The negative impact on the environment using non-renewable energy.

We are committed to current and future generations, so that they live in a sustainable world, where they enjoy the freedom to take full advantage of clean energy.

The pillars that give life and sustenance to our company are:
  • Innovation and Technological Development applied to multiple sectors
  • Passion for solving energy use problems and their impact
  • Vision for being an agent of positive change in society

BioEsol has installed the BioGrid throughout the country, offering its clients the possibility of achieving energy autonomy. Our solution includes the analysis and understanding of the client's needs, preparation of the proposal, installation, and commissioning, as well as 24/7 monitoring.

With BioGrid customers enjoy:

  • Energy autonomy.
  • Energy storage.
  • Power backup.
  • Peak Shaving.
  • Harmonize energy.
  • Power management.
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