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Can we aspire to live in a sustainable world?

"Achieving it depends on us, on the decisions we make every day"

Our commitment to the world goes beyond our present and near future; We are aware of the importance of our decisions, therefore we decided to do something TODAY, so that future generations have a better world, where they enjoy the freedom to take advantage of 100% clean energy. The solution goes beyond energy generation, with BioEsol’s storage, you can use the energy according to your needs, you obtain control in a sustainable way, with respect and responsibility to the environment.

We take renewable energy from the sun, which through solar panels are transformed to electricity.

BioGrid stores clean energy and distributes it according to the needs of your home, business, or industry.

Enjoy energy, manage it in the best way and contribute to the environment by making your home, business, or industry, sustainable.

Get control of the energy you generate.

Make the most of the power that energy independence gives you, eliminate any dependency.

Energy independence

With BioGrid you store solar energy and take 100% advantage according to your needs.


Power for every need

Clean Energy | Free energy

BioEsol gives you the possibility of storing clean energy that you generate without depending on the electricity supplier.

With BioGrid, smart solar electricity storage is a reality, obtaining an unlimited supply of clean and sustainable energy.



Modern and compact design

BioGrid, in addition to giving you energy autonomy, adapts to the design of any home. Its innovative and timeless design offers versatile installation options for indoor and outdoor spaces.



Efficient and Safe

With BioGrid you achieve energy independence, giving your business autonomy it requires to operate without the setbacks of the electricity grid. Store energy to use it when you need it and protect your business against any eventuality from the electricity supplier.



Protection and Savings

BioGrid is an energy storage system, it detects power outages and automatically becomes the power source for your business when the power grid stops working. It allows you to be protected and at the same time obtain savings.



Independence and Ecology

BioGrid maintains the operation of your industry 24/7, achieving autonomy and energy efficiency. Its software allows you to schedule loading and unloading times, maximizing profitability. With BioGrid you eliminate the need for a power generator, as it replaces it 100%.

Biogrid Station


Powerful and Convenient

BioGrid Station has the power to charge your electric car in a convenient way and in a reasonable time.

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Energy for all

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